Lebanese-American Fine Art Photographer Sandy Ibrahim Major features work from Washington, D.C. and many other cities throughout the world. From an early age, Sandy has found unique ways to express her creativity, a characteristic that ultimately manifested itself into the photographer she is today. Sandy’s passion, to articulate her creativity, shines through her positivity and lens and has been captured in various forms of photography to include nature, people, and travel in an effort to touch different audiences in a special way.


As the years have passed, and her skills in photography have evolved, so too has her recognition. Sandy has been featured in D.C. media outlets and other globally recognized media outlets to include National Geographic, CNN and Condé Nast.


Despite her versatility, it has become clear to Sandy that her photography is most suitably centered around the important things in life. Her fine art photography specialty and passion include everyday D.C. life photography, creative photography, and travel photography.


As a long time local of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Sandy is never at a loss for where to capture the “right shot”. When those post-production results come to fruition, it becomes clear that Sandy’s special perspective and clear voice shines through.